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The International Student Coordinator will provide parents with a written report from the students’ teachers at the end of each quarter and will communicate with the parents on a periodic basis summarizing the student’s activities for that semester.  Parents may also log-in to our web-based academic program, Infinite Campus, for immediate information on grades, attendance, etc.  Families are welcomed to contact Mrs. gux any time they have questions.

Student receives help from teacherExceptional Teachers and Staff – McDonell Central Catholic High School has a highly qualified, highly professional staff teaching the students. These teachers go above and beyond the classroom to ensure that our students receive a top quality education. They challenge students at the high school level so that they are better prepared to be successful in their adult and career lives.


Student receives help from Mr. Reiter, Physic and math teacher


  • International Student Coordinator – Mr. Schlauderaff is dedicated to overseeing your child’s academic, social and personal growth while attending McDonell Central Catholic High School.  He provides support and coordinates with Mrs. Guix, guidance to ensure that each student is on the right path to achieve all of his/her goals and to become a full, participating member of the school community. Weekly meetings are initially scheduled to make sure that each international student is adapting to the new culture in a positive and productive manner. 


  • Our Students – The students at McDonell Central Catholic High School openly and willingly accept students of all faiths and backgrounds.  The International Hallway is a testimonial to the fact that we are committed to providing all nationalities a top quality education, accepting them and welcoming them into our school community. Our students lead a very active and productive lifestyle, besides attending class many of them participate on either an athletic or academic team. In addition to these extra-curricular activities, our students are required to donate some of their time and talent for community service. As the world in which we live becomes smaller, it is important to us that our students, no matter where they may live in the future, learn the importance of becoming active members in the community in which they live. Our students are always striving for excellence in everything that they do as they build their future foundation.Academic team
  • Courses – McDonell Central Catholic High School offers a complete comprehensive academic program for all age levels with a wide range of course selections. We take great pride in our academic achievements and continue to work hard in order to maintain that status. Our wide variety of subjects and classes allows each student to become proficient and knowledgeable in many different subjects. In addition to classes, students may choose to participate in forensics, math team, drama and other clubs available SmartBoards are used in the classroom to them.  By emphasizing leadership, academic excellence, and service to others, our students are prepared for great success in college and in life. Currently in addition to the regular high school courses, we offer various opportunities in which our students can earn college credit while in high school.  These classes can help assist our students’ acceptance to the college of their choice.







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Please contact the International Student Coordinator for tuition and fees


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